The Coquillonnerie offers you a lot of indoor and outdoor activities

Activities at the lodges

The heated swimming pool

You can enjoy the estate’s heated pool with its natural and elegant setting. With garden furniture and areas to relax all around, the place is perfect for parents to relax while the kids play in the pool.

Typically, the pool is heated to 29°C from May to September so you can fully enjoy it!

Volleyball court

You will surely find a lot of fun playing volleyball on our court! We have installed a net in the grass so that you can have fun with friends or family.

Accessible at any time of the day for a game or ball exchanges, volleyball will satisfy your athletic expectations at the Coquillonnerie.

Wood-fired oven

The lodge has a bread oven made of bricks and stones of the region, which has been entirely restored. Very authentic, it is operational and allows to cook pizzas and other dishes to be tasted in family. You will spend convivial moments around its hearth and taste pizzas of an incomparable flavor.

Fishing pond

What better way to start or end a day than with a good fishing trip or a walk around the pond? This is what the Coquillonnerie offers you! You can relax during a fishing trip in this natural setting or take a walk to discover the diversity of the surrounding fauna and flora.

The soccer field

When you rent one of the 5 stars lodges on the estate, you also have access to the soccer field we have set up. With two goals placed in the grass, challenge your friends to a game! It will be up to you to mark out the field and make your own rules. Surrounded by nature, this field will satisfy young & old!

The courtyard

Organize dinners with your friends or family under the Coquillonnerie’s courtyard. You’ll be comfortable in the summer!

with family or friends

Book your stay

You have 3 possibilities to book at the Coquillonnerie : a lodge for 4 persons, a lodge for 6 persons & the whole site if you wish.

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La Coquillonnerie, 53200 Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne